Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quitting Smoking Isn't Easy

stop smoking gain time I've been harping on about how I'm going to quit smoking, and yet here I am today, weeks later still smoking.  In fact, I'm due for one now.  Be right back.

See now, those little interruptions add up, and if I want to save any time at all, I've got to kick that nasty habit and reclaim that time for myself.

Like I calculated before, I'll get back a whole 2 hours per day based on how often I smoke and the time it takes to smoke.  That's way too much to be healthy.

So here we are, another week has passed and still no sign of a quitting date in site.  It will happen...I know it's coming.


NucMEd is Hot said...

I'm not quitting, but I'm pulling for you.

WayneJohn said...

Thanks Karen! I can feel it from all the way over here. :)

dana wyzard said...

Wayne, I'd never want to hurt you in any way, but I am sending one of my posts to you because, well, you NEED me. You actually NEED me right now. In fact, I wrote it today and I now see WHY.

Signe said...

You can doo eeet! :D

petertparker said...

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