Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stop Smoking with Wayne

Yup, here we go with what I believe is a great blog idea for myself. My name is Wayne and I'm the author at I recently posted my desire to quit smoking on my blog, and I'm determined to make this effort work for me. I've been a smoker since I was about 15 years old, and the alternative for me is to die a slow and painful death from smoking too much, so I'm going to curb that. I need to.

I decided to create this blog to note my efforts and to help others along the way as I try to quit. My hope is that the right people find this blog inspirational and that it helps the efforts of those thinking about quitting, or those that are making an attempt to quit for the last time. I also plan to provide good resources for those that are also trying to quit. In the end, this blog will contain all the information one may want to help them quit smoking.

I started off by creating a list of 22 things I hate about smoking. While on the negative side, I was quickly informed by a loyal reader, and someone I would call friend, that I should take a positive spin on the same concept. I followed that up with a post regarding 40 benefits to quitting smoking. It's an excellent idea to maintain a positive spin on things while building up to the big day when you'll quit smoking once and for all.

I started this blog on blogger to focus my stop smoking efforts into a single blog. I also don't want to bother my readers on that are avid smokers and non-quitters with my efforts. Besides, has always been a more technical blog covering web development and providing technical help along those same lines.

This blog provides a nice way for me to create a niche blogger site focused on quitting smoking. Here is what you can expect to find in the coming months.
  • I'll finish designing this site and building out the sidebar. Perhaps a little redesign here and there.
  • My current story on my smoking
  • Why and how I've tried to quit in the past and failed.
  • Current steps I'm taking to build my confidence and self-control
  • Helpful resources that I find would help
In the end of it all, I want this site to be the one stop shop for all those who are looking to quit. Like I said above, it's my hope this will inspire others to also take the first steps towards quitting.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

try and keep this thought in mind wayne---you KNOW what a pack of your brand of cigs sells for---well divide that number by 20---and THAT number is the amount you save each and every time you deny yourself a cigarette---as the day goes bye, thhe total you have saved adds up----and one can begin to equate to things one can NOW afford,---like hello maybe a six pack of cold brewskis when ya get home--compliments of those cigs you didn't smoke ---like who doesn't like free beer?

NucMEd is Hot said...

I'm here, and I''m still not motivated!

WayneJohn said...

Thanks for the support anyway girlfriend! (head bob) :)

Hey Gary, I'm going to have to hold off on the beer until about a month or so after I quit...I think you probably know why.

Cigs and Beer, there isn't a better tasting combination.

donk.usa said...

Along with the price of the cigs, you can now get some dinero for adsense hopefully. Good luck. So how is it going? Any set backs other than being a grump?

donk.usa said...

Oh, sorry, but I just read
"Cigs and Beer, there isn't a better tasting combination."

How could you let those darned things change the flavor of that beer. tsk tsk..It will taste so much better now. But please don't be tempted to light up while sucking down some brews.

WayneJohn said...

Well, mostly because I drink Coor's light or Corona, and not the biggest beer drinker anyway.

Ah hell, I haven't even quit yet and I'm being called a grump. lol What oh what am I going to do when I actually quit! lol

My girl will be so happy. not.

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