Thursday, October 16, 2008

18 Hours Without Nicotine

I'm a raging asshole.  It's only been a little over 18 hours now and I now have scraped knuckles from hitting walls and the roof of my car.  I am missing one rearview mirror, and I nearly have put my head through the bathroom wall.

And I'm not kidding either.  Nicotine withdrawal is a bitch.

My hand is  bit swollen, but I'll survive that.  One thing I didn't expect was becoming so incredibly agitated in the middle of traffic.  I'm usually quite cool, but take away my nicotine and forget it.  I'm a raging asshole.

Right now my brain is going through some serious withdrawals.  I'm incredibly flippant and angry, never a good combination.  I have an incredible amount of rage right now that I would love nothing more than to aim that directly at a few of the big tobacco ass maggots.

Hours later....

All the above was written immediately after my drive home.  It is now hours later and I must say I'm incredibly disturbed by the level of emotion the above contains, but I felt it really captures the moment quite well.

If anyone takes anything away from this I'd like it to be an understanding that smoking cigarettes is a very strong addiction, and next time someone lights up and you feel like tossing an arrogant little 'cough cough' their way, think twice.  There might be someone who has just quit standing right next to you waiting to pop you one.

I'm now ready to sleep off the remainder of this day and start another one tomorrow.  So far so good, but I won't be so arrogant as some to call it "Mission Accomplished" just yet.   I would have to be the most ignorant asshole in the world to think that.

I still have my humor, thank my stars for that.


NucMEd is Hot said...

Congrats on what is now 24 hours. I'm with ya!

Wayne John said...

Woot! Par-tay!

No wait....I need to wait at least a month before I drink