Thursday, October 2, 2008

How About A Fireball In Your Face?

If there is any time to think about quitting smoking, it's after your lighter explodes in your face.  That's exactly what happened to my girlfriend last night.  She wasn't smoking, in fact she was simply lighting a candle when all of a sudden this *fffffpt!* sound and a fireball the size of a basketball appeared suddenly in her lap.

Like I said, she wasn't lighting a cigarette, but she was using a lighter none-the-less.  The fireball consumed most of her cute, tiny facial hairs, cleaned her nose really good (she must have been inhaling) and tagged a few hairs around her hairline.  It also got her arm pretty good too.  She didn't suffer any serious injury thankfully.

Needless to say, this was pretty freaky to hear the sound of escaping lighter fluid and to look over to see her poking her head into the fireball that appeared in her lap.

She threw the lighter to floor, and I actually threw my laptop down to the floor as well.  Something I would never do otherwise because I baby my system...another story perhaps.  I hopped over to her to make sure she wasn't still on fire, and put out the lighter that was now starting to fry the carpet.

She was only lighting a candle!  She wasn't smoking, as one might expect.  I mean, the chances of something like that happening to someone lighting a candle must be way less than someone lighting up.  After all, we light up more than we light candles, right?

That being said, what are the chances of a lighter exploding in your face anyway?!?!?  It made me think, and until I decide the day I'm going to quit, I'll always think twice before lighting a lighter now.  I almost watched my loved one light herself on fire.

Technical analysis of the lighter revealed that the lighter had blew a tiny hole out the side near the base, which caused it to spray lighter fluid and ultimately explode.  It was a cheap lighter to begin with.  You know, one of those lighters that feel rickety, and have the Made in China stamp. 

I didn't happen to be filming at the time, but I managed to find a similar explosion, albeit a bit bigger than the one I just experienced. 

So, ever have a lighter explode in your face?


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I had heard the throw away lighters could explode, but what I flashed on was the use of throw away lighters that was done in the Movie "Red Dawn"-------anyway I am sure you now have a REAL incentive to quit.

NucMEd is Hot said...

I have not, but I will now be certain to pull my hair back as not to have it all go up in flames.

WayneJohn said...

I need to watch Red Dawn again...

If I had hair, I would pull it back too...especially after seeing what happened in real life...scary scary scary.

Made my whole world flash in front of me...