Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pour Yourself A Cigarette with Liquid Smoking

It's been a little while since my failure to quit smoking.  That's ok, I'll get back on that horse and ride again someday soon.  Until then, I've been taking a look at some options I have to help the mood swings. 

liquid smoking

Of all the things one might find when trying to quit smoking, whoda thunk you might find a liquid method of getting your fix?

While there may not be any nicotine in this fruit-flavored beverage, it purports to provide a 'euphoric calming feeling'.

The drink is targeted at those living in the UK, where there is a ban on smoking inside public premises, much like here in the States.

The drink is made from a potent mix of roots from South African plants, whose leaves the resident Bushmen there would chew on to achieve a high.

United Drinks has distilled these plants into a oil to mix into their drink which they hope to market in the UK much the same way that RedBull has been marketed.

There were no tests done on this drink to ensure that it isn't harmful in any way.  Drink at your own risk, much like smoking.

You can read more about the drink here.  I will be sticking to my diet of Dr. Pepper and real cigarettes for now.