Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pour Yourself A Cigarette with Liquid Smoking

It's been a little while since my failure to quit smoking.  That's ok, I'll get back on that horse and ride again someday soon.  Until then, I've been taking a look at some options I have to help the mood swings. 

liquid smoking

Of all the things one might find when trying to quit smoking, whoda thunk you might find a liquid method of getting your fix?

While there may not be any nicotine in this fruit-flavored beverage, it purports to provide a 'euphoric calming feeling'.

The drink is targeted at those living in the UK, where there is a ban on smoking inside public premises, much like here in the States.

The drink is made from a potent mix of roots from South African plants, whose leaves the resident Bushmen there would chew on to achieve a high.

United Drinks has distilled these plants into a oil to mix into their drink which they hope to market in the UK much the same way that RedBull has been marketed.

There were no tests done on this drink to ensure that it isn't harmful in any way.  Drink at your own risk, much like smoking.

You can read more about the drink here.  I will be sticking to my diet of Dr. Pepper and real cigarettes for now.


NucMEd is Hot said...

Thant sounds like mixing a drink of instant stomach eater.

I'm sticking to the same.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Back in the good old days,talking late 40's here, the drink of choice then was Coca Cola, and it actually did have coke in it---the beverage had a "snap" to it, that pleased the palate, and one finished a coke, feeling good about it. Now today one can't tell the difference between the various "cola"s, that have more artificial ingredients than real ones in their formulas---but most are suspicioned to being a cause of type '2' Diabetes----which is affecting an ever greater percentage of children and young adults today.

Ann Tracy's said...

hi... thanks for following my blog and I commend you for quiting...I've got to do that too. I keep thinking I'll find a perfect time with no stress, but that hasn't happened yet.

Vince said...

I don't know about that beverage, but I found the nicotine patch to be a big help. It helps if things in your life are steady when you quit.

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Ok,that's a weird drink .... !

Heff said...

That can looks like a big ol' Marlboro !!! Arrgggh !!!

adelen said...
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~Static~ said...

"There were no tests done on this drink to ensure that it isn't harmful in any way."

Errm, for a second there I thought you meant there were no tests (not one) done on the product, meaning it's a free for, and safe for all!

But after reading up on the provided link they in fact state:
"Chief executive of United Drinks and Beauty Corporation Martin Hartman said there was no research proving the drink was harmful in any way."

Whew! Had me going in a perpetual mind spin there for a moment. So is it safe? If it is, I don't want it. If it isn't, I don't want it. I guess I should just say, Do Not Want!

I'll stick to my beer and tequila diet, thank you very much.

dextro said...

the best way to quit smoking is doing it cold turkey. By using replacement like liquid or chewing gum, or anything else you'll only keep the temptation to smoke inside of you. you'll only surpress it, not destroy it.
I'm not saying it's useless, it indeed helps since cold turkey is easier to say than done. But you'll never be able to control your mind completely to quit smoking using such replacement. You're just smokin something else, not quit smoking in the end. You'll just transfer from one addiction to another, yet it's less dangerous.
So whenever you can, motivate yourself you do not need smoking. You do not need the taste of need to quit smoking indeed.

tikno said...

Very good blog for smoker.

Tomas said...

wow, your post urged me to think once again - to search for the way to quit smoking. Thank you.